General Terms and Conditions

Acceptance and payment of online purchases

After placing an order through the online ordering system of Terra Cinematica, you are expected to pay the amount due after receiving the automated invoice e-mail, directly ór no later then 7 days after the stated invoice date.

  1. Processing and delivery of your order can only occur when all payment obligations are met.
  2. When the final payment date is exceeded and no perspective on a successful transaction exists, the order will be terminated. In this case, no claims can be made on products, nor on the prices at which the products where previously ordered. However unlikely, it is possble that prices may change in the meanwhile.
  3. Delivery time is subject to the logistical organisation of the chosen printers and their suppliers, therefore shipping costs and deliverytimes are always indicative.
  4. Delivery to countries outside The Netherlands, could receive an additional invoice requesting to fulfill added shipping costs as handled on a 'per order' basis. Effort is made to incorporate such calculations into the ordering system. We apologize if this might affect your order for now.
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