License agreement

The standard license agreement for purchased works from Terra Cinematica is being created. Untill the full agreement becomes available, by purchasing prints you agree too:

  1. No intellectual property, nor copyrights nor ownership over the visualized photograph are transfered to the client. None of the printed works may be exhibited to the public, or published without the photographers prior consent. If you have the intention to share the purchased works outside the private realm, please contact us.
  2. Licensing of photographic work from Terra Cinematica / Merten Snijders is done through Getty Images. only offers limited edition prints with an artist signature. A deep link into the Getty Images catalog is provided to make licensing the desired photograph easy and accessible.
  3. Downloaded images may not be used for any other purpose then making design compositions and/or mockups prior to purchasing a license on Getty Images, or interior design planning anticipating a fine-art print purchase from
  4. Last update august 24th 2015
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