Origin of Terra Cinematica

Merten Snijders is a versatile and energetic creative. He bought his first camera as added value to his attic run web- and design firm at the end of the nineties. The digital revolution was about to go in second gear, and so was he. Unaware yet curious, the camera took him by the hand and lead him onto a trail where he would rapidly work his way uphill, enabling him to confront the world beyond his wildest imagination. During the extensive pilgrimages towards his future, he captured his passionate steps on film and took the opportunity to build a photography career next to his advertising business. In 2007 he signed up with the Lonely Planet Images agency and saw his dreamworld getting closer. The distance between his camera and the eyes of the cultures became smaller, and the photo's went around the world through the Lonely Planet guidebooks. A fantastic combination that still stands, allowing him to contribute his passion to life.

His journey conceptually digested into 'Terra Cinematica'

Terra Cinematica is derived from two conceptual references. 'Terra Incognita' on the one hand, and the Latin word 'Cinematica' on the other. 'Terra Incognita', was utilized during the world defining 'Age of Discovery' starting in the 15th century, when refering to the 'unknown land', or the alleged unchartered southern continent. From all corners of the earth, heroic endeavours where undertaken to be the first, or most decisive, to chart the remaining undefined parts of the physical world. Now, several centuries later, the worldmap is a fact, and time hasn't stood still since. The act of 'discovering' has become available for many people, and so armed with a camera, the sense of freedom allowing for personal discoveries is documented in photography. Not only to collect a bag of pretty pictures, but also to continuously make sense of the world around us helping to shape identity and therefore heritage. You could say this is moderns way of similarly raising a flag, yet in the endless space of our uncharted imagination, rendering bridges between the old and the new.

'Cinematica' encompasses the art and science of capturing a scene into still or moving image. With emphasis on enhancing the scene esthetic through light, composition and direction, making these the instruments of the aspired artistic distinction worthy of a flag.

'Terra Cinematica' extends upon the adventurous spirit, by showing that modern artists by means of photography try to similarly chart the world both physically and spiritually to verify their expectations of it. Driven by the void surrounding the hunch, aspirations to grasp and the desire to share, the artist writes his pilgrimage trail in image. Being part of a movement, that dare’s to associate it’s existence, with the influence of culture and human behavior from across the globe, what is seen is captured, what is captured, is loved, and so what is loved ripples its way into the life story. As directed by you, writing your own chapter in 'Terra Cinematica'.

Yesterday's Mystery, Today's Journey The contextual sentence, emphasizes an adventurous approach to discovering cause and effect on global- and historic matters. Question is, how does creativity play it's role in the required choice of direction further on in life?

Sharing as a goal Without sharing it, there is no such thing as a 'discovery'. Therefore i have made it my mission to eventually make available the 'Terra Cinematica' concept to like-minded adventurers. I'd love to do this through a coffee-table book, poetry book and looking forward by developing a webplatform, which allows other enthousiasts to share- archive and categorize their respected ideas and views of the world.

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