Poetic Whispers of the Unknown

Original poetry by Merten Snijders, distilled from the relativity of time in travel and life.
Please note, these thoughts do not necessarily reflect Merten's current point of view but act as an artistic souvenir of passed and past emotions. If you are interested in the book i intend to publish from these works, please contact me.
  Random items  

"Window Reflections"

On January 4th 2013

Sometimes life feels like sitting in this train, where on the opposite side a beautiful scenery is lit by sunrise.

I'm sitting there, on the other side...
...staring at leftover light on distant clouds.

© 2022


On April 28th 2011

It’s not about the A to B,
nor the 2 or 3,
perhaps a little about the Y and Z.

But mostly about the free, when I am who I be, while together means you and me.

© 2022


On February 20th 2006

The gentle stream of blood flowing,
the low pounds of the heart beating.

Outside nothing but silence,
my hand reaches out, an empty spot.

© 2022

"Earth's Flow"

On December 5th 2007

The seasons let go,
changing the earth’s flow,
i’m struggling to extend a day ago,
oh please tell me it isn’t so.

© 2022

"Focus On The Distance"

On October 7th 2011

Locked in a cage,
hanging by the cords of time.

The rope gets longer,
it swings from left to right,
while i descent into the depths,
unfamiliar and dark.

I focus on the distance,
and imagine where i’m going.

It helps.

© 2022

"Free Again"

On December 21nd 2008

To question mind,
is to protect love.
To stop the questions,
is to loose faith in the motives of mankind.

I love those who search,
even if they have already found,

they decide not to perish,
and take their place in the ground.

The false you are asked to defy,
is fear not giving creation a try.

It’s either keep control or give it away, really for both of them there is much to say...

...A thought ago it was on show, the only thing remaining is to let go.

I have protected my love for far to long, allowing confusing thoughts about right or wrong.

I hope tonight with all my heart, that the love of a life does not just come in one part.

What follows are my steps away from the pure, to reestablish my being in the fog of the obscure.

It is the image of her looking into my eyes, seeing only my true soul straight passed all the lies.

The ultimate answer without a word, was the one I praid for to be heard.

How will this love loose it’s effect? So there shall be nothing left to protect.

© 2022

"Blueberry Tea"

On January 17th 2006

Find me in your blueberry tea.

A stain, a high tone.
I never want to be alone.

© 2022

"Teach Me"

On June 12th 2012

First teach me how to love...
before you'd even consider to teach me something else...

© 2022

"Bring Light"

On June 4th 2009, written in China, Beijing

Bring light to my mind,
help me find, my path to leave being blind.

When the moment is there,
close your eyes and read with care.

Abandon all you know,
and just go with the flow.

Take in it’s suffering paradigm,
and feel abittered and beloved at the same time.

© 2022

"Yesterday and Today..."

On July 11th 2012

Yesterday i felt more a writer then i did a painter, and before that, i felt more a photographer then i did a poet.

Hmm, and still i remember feeling more like a director then i did a producer,
not to forget more a philosopher then i did a musician.

I guess i've felt more ambition then i was myself. But today... it's new.

I feel more a man then i do a boy.

© 2022


On January 21nd 2008

In my bed for another night,
i’m wondering where you sleep tonight.

I hope you accept the route you choose,
i’m affraid there is one you’ll have to loose.

Keeping my mind from asking how it goes,
requires me to not to let you come to close.

I hate the thought of sin,
oh please, all i want is to give in.

© 2022

"Groene Schijn"

On December 3rd 2005

Gras zo groen als de maan.
Een voorzichtige beweging veegt het vuil onder mijn nagel vandaan.

© 2022

"Oerol Festival"

On June 16th 2010, written in West-Terschelling

Je schone schijn is immer fijn,
maar nu de voorstellingen afgelopen zijn,
komt via de wadden en de duinen:
een warm hart voor bij het opruimen van de puinen.

© 2022

"A Cold"

On February 1st 2009

Shadow renders me cold,
gotto get going before my cough is permanently sold.

© 2022

"Missing You"

On February 28th 2009

Sleep my little soul,
rest a night.

Dream your goal,
and prepare for the fight.

I have wondered how she is,
but i will let it be.

Take the miss,
and let the remaining love be free.

© 2022

"My Tree"

On April 12th 2009

Shall my tree grow its leaves,
if i resume to acknowledge my believes?

© 2022

"De Gele Jas Uit 1986"

On March 3rd 2013

De klein man,
met zijn gele jas.

Hij wordt er verlegen van,
dat komt hem later wel van pas.

© 2022


On November 18th 2007

Energy doesn’t just come in one way,
next to harmony is stress,
not your best neighbor some would say, accept it’s pressence and live with one worry less.

© 2022

"A True Mark"

On June 1st 2012

Shine your light and leave a true mark.

Don't waste your batteries trying to light up the dark.

© 2022

"Een Verlies"

On June 12th 2012

Op ons netvlies, verloren in tijd.
haar laatste adem, een mooie wolk.

Laat haar vliegen, naar een droom.

In jeugd, in liefde, in leven.
De berg die haar onmiddelijk betoverde.

© 2022

"Train Truth"

On March 2nd 2013

I climb towards heights where i don't belong, in attempt to find remains of some left behind song.

A bag of words to adore,
until i can't carry no more.

In my house i bring them back up,
and stare at them from an empty teacup.

I role up my sleeve,
and decide if there is anything in there to believe.

I try all there is to combine,
and find a few that rhyme just fine.

I distil them as a whole,
and let them speak directly into my soul.

This is just what i do,
driven by hope to cast a smile upon you.

© 2022

"Er Ligt Schuyl"

On February 11th 2011, written in Hoorn, The Netherlands

Valt geen buyl,
laat U niet leyden door het vuyl.

Gebruikt uw muyl,
en ontdek in allen het goede mensch schuyl.

© 2022


On July 18th 2012

i am rock - i am human
i am idea - I am

© 2022


On May 20th 2009

You read “hi”,
you put a smile on standby.
You question “why”,
and return to “now” with a sigh.

© 2022


On November 15th 2007

The life that is shown,
might not be your own,
what you feel is what you chase,
until you reach the end of your maze.

© 2022
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